Death & Life Severina ~ João Cabral de Melo Neto

Ilustração extraída do desenho animado “Morte e Vida Severina”,versão audiovisual da obra prima de João Cabral de Melo Neto,adaptada para os quadrinhos pelo cartuinista Miguel Falcão (assista aqui). Death & Life Severinaextracted from the book Morte e Vida Severina, 1966 This grave where you are,measured by strifeis the smallest shareyou’ve got in life. Neither wide … More Death & Life Severina ~ João Cabral de Melo Neto

Iracema Flew ~ Chico Buarque de Hollanda

Anagrama Iracema Flew Iracema flew To live abroadTake woolen clothesFeels so proudGoes to a movie from time to timeDoesn’t like nursery rhymesWashes floor in a tea roomHas walked under the moonDating a mimicaims to studyclassical singingDoesn’t play the fool to the policeTries to live by her ownMisses her hometownBut not muchSome days, recklessCalls me like … More Iracema Flew ~ Chico Buarque de Hollanda

Elegy 1938 ~ Carlos Drummond de Andrade

Banksy Elegy 1938 You work without joy for a decrepit world,where the forms and actions offer no examples.You practice laboriously universal gestures,feel heat and cold, lack of money, hunger and sexual desire. Heroes fill the city parks where you creepand advocate virtue, renunciation, the cold-blooded, the conception.At night, if fog, open bronze-made umbrellas or retire … More Elegy 1938 ~ Carlos Drummond de Andrade

Advice ~ Aristides Klafke

Arrogant Fish ~ Tania Vasylenko Advice you should return the smileto the establishment uneventful you must pass by the peoplelike the world did not exist,you must pass only, obliviously. become a widower of feelingsrun away in the middle of the battleand storage your sexual life you should be ludicrous, my friendnoiselessyou should introduce yourself          into chaos. and … More Advice ~ Aristides Klafke