2 poems ~ Paulo Leminski

Paulo Leminski Filho (Curitiba, August 24, 1944 – Curitiba, 7 June 1989) was a writer, poet, translator and teacher. Son of Polish father with black mother, Leminski always drew attention for its intellectuals, culture and genius, being owner of an extensive and relevant work. From early he found a particular way – if not of himself – to write poetry, preferring short poems, often based on puns, or playing with popular sayings.He met Haroldo de Campos while participating in the I Brazilian Congress of Vanguarda Poetry of Belo Horizonte. He debuted in 1964 with five poems in the magazine Invenção, directed by Decio Pignatari; he was ranked first in the II Contest of Modern Poetry in 1966. In the 1970’s he had poems and texts published in various journals, such as Corpo Estranho, Muda Código (edited by Régis Bonvicino) and Raposa. He launched Catatau in 1975, which he called “experimental prose”, by private editing. Lyrics Writer and musician, Leminski had partnerships with Caetano Veloso and the group A Cor do Som between 1970 and 1989. He was a scholar of Japanese language and culture, publishing in 1983 a biography of Basho.


* * *

this life is just a trip
It’s a pity
I’m not here for it

esta vida é uma viagem
pena eu estar
só de passagem


* * *

everything on me
walks in a hurry
everything as flurry
everything by a thread
done as
everything was in a rut
stepping fluffy
everything but

everything around me
goes too dizzy
as if things
were all
after all

tudo em mim
anda a mil
tudo assim
tudo por um fio
tudo feito
tudo estivesse no cio
tudo pisando macio
tudo psiu

tudo em minha volta
anda às tontas
como se as coisas
fossem todas
afinal de contas

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